Meet our school board

Matthew Williams - President

Matt has been part of the Libertas ministry from its inception: first as a faculty member for three years, then transitioning to board leadership. His breadth of professional experience runs the gamut from engineering to project management to teaching to entrepreneurship to C-level business leadership. Somewhere in that God-ordained adventure was the opportunity to pursue and obtain an M.Div from GRTS. Matt’s passion for leadership and calling to ministry find their most fruitful application right where faith and work intersect – in the workday marketplace.
Matt is married to Allie. They have 3 young girls, of whom the two oldest attend Libertas. 

Nathan Norris - Secretary

Nate is first and foremost a disciple of Jesus Christ and is passionately committed to following Him in all areas of his life. He owns his own design/build construction company called Cutting Edge Builders which he started with two other partners 15 years ago, so he brings practical and valuable experience with the challenges of a “startup” venture. He is married to Leslie Norris who is an Ophthalmologist working part time with Grand Rapids Ophthalmology. They have 3 children attending Libertas - Aiden (8th), Ava (7th) and Gabriela (2nd). They attend Christ Church PCA in Grand Rapids where Nate is currently serving on the building committee for the church’s upcoming expansion and where Nate and Ava sing to help lead worship from time to time. He is an avid reader across a broad spectrum of topics but is most passionate about the topics of masculinity, fatherhood, cultural engagement from a Biblical worldview and training/equipping the next generation. He has been involved in Christian education all his life, attending Christian school from 1st grade through college at Taylor University and then as a father to children in Christian schools.

Nate has volunteered at Libertas in various ways in the past and having prayed and carefully sought the Spirit’s leading, he feels the Lord’s calling to serve Libertas as a board member as long as the Lord asks and he is fully committed to furthering the mission and vision of Libertas. He also brings valuable experience to the board having served as Vice Chair on the board of another small classical Christian school for 3 years during which time that board worked to make the transition from a management style board to a governance board.

Robert Davis - Headmaster

I definitely see my role at Libertas as a high calling from God, a ministry to the mission field of classical Christian education. I am very excited to have the privilege of being a part of Libertas Christian School!

For Him, Bob Davis