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What Is Legacy Partners?

Legacy Partners are people with a mission!  The mission is to help students become well-informed difference makers, while assuring the existence of trustworthy Christian worldview education.
Legacy Partners are people who drive the expansion of Christian education.  They are Aunts & Uncles, Parents & Grandparents, Alumni, and families that have graduated all of their kids but still want to give back and strengthen the next generation.  They are members of our churches and business owners in our community.  They are people who love Jesus and our kids.  They are people like you!
Legacy Partners bridge the funding gap created by the school’s market based funding strategy.  They know that parents can’t bear the full cost of tuition and that the school can’t operate for free.  Through their generosity our students are being prepared to become a message to a time we will never see.  It is a heritage the students receive and a legacy they pass on.   That’s why they are called Legacy Partners!

Why Legacy Partners?