Willson Nemec

My desire to be involved in Christian education is directly rooted in my calling. Looking back on my life and my experiences, I recognize that God was molding me and refining me

to be an instrument by which he would reach our youth. The Lord has blessed me with specific spiritual gifts that allow me to reach children from multiple age groups on multiple levels. My desire is to see children thrive not only academically, but also spiritually. The knowledge we learn in each class has remarkable potential to educate children beyond academic success. It educates both academically and spiritually. My main classes are science, and through these classes I have the awesome opportunity to lead children in a search for the finger prints of God on creation. As we begin to understand creation on a greater and deeper level, we are able to better understand the creativity and complexity of our God. Students develop an awe and wonder for the tremendous power of God.

Email wnemec@libertaschristianschool.org

  • Educational Experience Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Biology from Cornerstone University.
  • Years of Teaching Experience First year
  • Family Hannah Nemec
  • Subjects Taught Algebra, NOEO Pre-Chemistry, Elementary Gym, Wednesday Enrichment Creation Study

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