Vision Statement

We endeavor to provide a Prekindergarten-12th grade Christ-centered education of primary subjects using a classical methodology based on the trivium and quadrivium. We will create a physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually safe environment that fosters learning and character development.

We will prepare young men and women for a lifetime of learning, discerning, expressing, sharing, and living God’s Word in His world. Students will develop into well rounded graduates grounded in a biblical worldview based on a deep understanding of the Bible and the created world via the primary subjects. Their character will mature through discipleship of faculty and parents in the context of the classroom, fine arts, athletics, and service in the community. Through the classical methodology they will develop an appetite for that which is true, good, and beautiful, becoming discerning thinkers, articulate communicators, and confident apologists who consistently live out the Christian virtues.
We will encourage a biblical model of parenting through our active support of Christian families in their primary biblical responsibility to their children.  Our desire is to develop a community of likeminded parents, students and faculty, educating and equipping parents, and offering them a choice in the level of support from the school to fit varying student, family, and financial needs. We seek to make classical Christian education within the economic reach of Christian families in the west Michigan area.