Rebekah Goldberg

God has given me a heart and a passion for teaching children. Each child is precious in God’s sight and I delight in helping a child see the greatness of God and the world He has created. Education is not just about learning facts but reveling in the intricacies of God and His creation. We can see God in math, science, literature, history, grammar. They all speak of Him.

I am honored and blessed to be a part of Libertas Christian School, a place that honors God and serves Christian families. I appreciate the strong partnership that Libertas has with parents so that each family has the flexibility to provide the education for their student that works for them. I also appreciate that Libertas is a classical school. I began teaching my own children with the classical method and then was able to teach in a classical school in Washington. Classical education in systematic, rigorous, and focuses on the developmental stages of a child. It is a joy for me to be a part of Libertas Christian School.


  • Educational Experience I graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College with a degree in elementary education. I have also taken graduate classes in literacy from Calvin College. In Idaho I attended the Logos Summer Teacher Training for classical educators.
  • Years of Teaching Experience 14 years, 5 years in schools and 9 years as a homeschool mom
  • Family I am married to Franklin for 20 years and have 4 children Emily 17, Megan 15, Katie 13, and Ezekiel 11.
  • Subjects Taught 3rd Grade


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