Current Needs List

Help Libertas Christian School fulfill the mission God has placed before us. The following items still need to be funded for the 2020-2021 school year. Can you help?
2020-21: NEEDS LIST - AS OF 11/21/2020
Coaches, Winter & Spring Season15,000
Room HVAC Systems20,000
Grammar School Field Trips1,000
Additional IT Support Expense8,800
School Furniture and Equipment1,000
MS / HS House Expenses1,000
Achievement Testing3,000
Perspective Faculty Travel1,500
Teacher Inservice1,000
Teacher Stipends3,000
Increased Teacher Pay & Benefits62,000
Computer & IT Equipment10,000
Playground Improvements1,000

Items that were on Needs List at start of school year, but now funded:
Sports, Meet Fees & Tournament Fees5,700
Coaches, Fall Season10,000
Additional Building Maintenance13,000
Teachers Conference15,000