Ruth Kaercher - Math, Logic Teacher

I attended public school for grades K-12. After high school, I enrolled in Cedarville University’s program to become a teacher. While there, I experienced for the first time a curriculum that combined an excellent education with a Christian worldview. I learned history from a Biblical perspective seeing God’s hand in all events, analyzed classical literature in light of the Bible, and studied advances in math and science while marveling at God’s hand in Creation. When taught from a secular worldview, I realized that education is not complete. My faith grew immensely during those four years as I sat under the teaching of men and women who were passionate not only about the content of their “subject”, but also passionate about God’s Truth.

From that experience, God impressed upon me the value of teaching in schools who held to the same philosophy that education is only complete when taught from a Christian point of view. When God called me to teach at Libertas, I wanted to bring that same passion into my classroom. I endeavor to teach mathematics excellently while integrating my faith into what I do. Each hour we begin the time with prayer and a short devotional. We find ways throughout the year to talk about famous Christian mathematicians whose work pointed the world to the Creator. And, when discipline issues arise, we bring to light what the Bible says about the situation, always pointing the students to the Savior. My prayer is that students would walk away from Libertas having grown in wisdom, maturity, and faith.