Cheryl Gordillo - Fifth Grade Teacher

I am involved in Christian education because I desire to see children grow spiritually and in their knowledge of the Truth through their education. Education is not just about the mind, but also about the heart. When the Word of God is the standard of Truth through which all things are studied and Christ is exalted through words and actions, hearts are changed. I believe the Lord has called me to the ministry of partnering with parents in the education and discipleship of their children. I found great joy in teaching my own children and believe God has asked me to share my love of teaching and love for Christ with others through Christian education.
Libertas is a unique community because it is like a close-knit family. There is a genuine care and concern for one another that is difficult to find today. As a teacher and parent of students attending Libertas, I am thankful to be a part of such a Christ centered, academically challenging, encouraging, and caring Christian school.