Bettie Davis - Latin

 While my children were young, I stayed home and developed some business interests from home. My husband, Bob and I have four boys, a daughter (in-law), and two grandchildren. Our second-born son has many health and special needs. After the 5th grade, it became apparent he needed to be at home for education. So, during his middle-school years, I was privileged to teach him at home.

I began coaching Cross Country in the fall of 2005, and coached Cross Country for 9 years at Freedom Christian, and now 1 year at Libertas.  I have been subbing and teaching in the classroom since 2007. Over the last six years, I have taught Middle School Math, 4th – 7th grade Latin, and Elementary Music for three years.

My role at Libertas during the 2015-16 school year includes teaching Pre-Algebra, 1st-7th grade Latin, Administrative Assistant, Elementary Liaison, Cross Country and Track Coach.  Teaching at Libertas allows me the opportunity to weave in a Christian worldview into my classes.  It is exciting to have the freedom to share my faith and bring in God’s truth wherever it applies in both teaching and coaching.