thinking about  your child Attending Kindergarten at Libertas?

Education is such an important decision that every family faces. As you send your little one off to Kindergarten, it is equally important to set them up for success in this new endeavor. At LCS, our Kindergarten program consists of 3 days at school (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) and 2 days of "school at home" where parents partner with the teacher to complete work on Tuesdays and Fridays when school is not in session. The focus of Kindergarten is learning to read, write, and experience what it means to be a student after God's heart.  

All incoming Kindergarten students complete a Screening with the Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Baribeau, to help ensure the very best class placement. Parents are welcome to wait for their child at school to complete the assessment as Mrs. Baribeau asks them questions about colors, numbers, letters, etc. She will also look at gross and fine motor development, as well as ability to attend and follow directions.

Click here if you'd like to sign up for testing or schedule a school tour. Our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Baribeau will arrange the assessment around your schedule and our school office is happy to help with any other questions you may have. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you!